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A new horizon for customer interactions.

Manage your entire customer relationship from a single digital platform: Spacivox is a secure web interface that allows you to create, launch, manage, and improve your campaigns and multi-channel relationship paths in a targeted and personalized way.
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5 star efficiency.

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Deployable in a few clicks, from a simple web browser, Spacivox boosts the efficiency of your customer interactions across all channels, saving you time every step of the way.
Up to
Pilot your campaigns across all channels, separately or in combination, with or without agents, in silo mode or as part of a global and scripted digital itinerary:

Outgoing and incoming calls:
Manage your call center more intelligently based on the availability of your agents in realtime. The predictive algorithm automatically adapts the call rate and allows you to handle incoming calls simultaneously.

SMS / SMS+ / Rich SMS / SMS Vocal Campaign:
Send a personalized SMS if a contact can't be reached by phone, or create bounce SMS campaigns from your other channels if necessary. You can also integrate a link allowing your contacts to access a self-resolving mobile web interface.

Emails :
The platform allows you to generate personalized email campaigns, with the colors of your brand, and with the message of your choice. You can also integrate a link to a self-care offering your contacts access to a self-resolution web interface or a directional link to your website.

Answering machine:
Spacivox can detect answering machines and automatically leave a predefined voicemail message without first ringing if necessary.

Voice message:
Conduct recorded and personalized voice call campaigns allowing you to perform an action autonomously on a voice server (IVR), or to be put in touch with an advisor.

Courriers Simples ou Recommandés :
Send simple letters or with acknowledgment of receipt to our desktop publishing actors.This sending can be carried out in silo mode or by bouncing actions from other media. The platform thus allows you to enrich and diversify your follow-up actions, with personalized paper support offering a real counterpart to a "fully digital" scenario.

Digital mail:
Send digital mail with or without authentication. In this way, you enrich and diversify your follow-up actions, thanks to personalized and downloadable digital support, in the continuity of your scripted paths.

All conversational technologies can be implemented in your campaigns. We offer interactive SMS with or without response analysis. The exploitation of verbatims can feed your tools, or condition in the rebound of a specific response … To accompany you always further in the digitalization and automation of your customer interactions.

All of our offers offer several choices of self-resolution for the recipient, to simplify the customer gesture, but also to increase your performances. Set up autonomously a self-care via Interactive Voice Server, SMS response, or choice on a dynamic web page optimized for mobile or computer. The customer can thus confirm, contest, commit, regularize, pay in several installments, choose an appointment, or answer an interview. Each customer choice can be followed by a voice, SMS, or web media bounce.

Get customer engagement and satisfaction off the ground.

Up to
X 2
in < 1 hour
Strengthen the loyalty of your customers by reaching out to them at the right time through the right channel.
What could be better for a client than to be recognized?

Create campaigns to welcome your new customers consistently using multiple channels, with a scenario that ensures that the message will be delivered and received.
Refine your relational communication by adapting your actions in realtime.
Test, measure, compare and improve your campaigns with ease.

By creating test campaigns or messages to some of your contacts, you can learn invaluable lessons. The cockpit allows you to determine the strong points of each of your scenarios, which you can then simply integrate to get your campaigns off the ground. For example, you will be able to quickly maximize the return on contract signature and in complete autonomy.
Promote the regularization of your customers, by scripting your collection actions, and by making your customers' actions as easy as possible.
Spacivox guarantees you a flawless collection experience by radically improving the level of regularization of your delinquencies.

Create customized recovery scenarios that take into account channel sequencing, digital interactions, and the best contact time... to optimize your actions. You can thus have a complete, agile, and personalized collection system at your fingertips without investing massively in your information system.
Simplify payment by putting in place tools that minimize the customer's effort.
Spacivox offers voice and digital payment channels, which are directly supported by your payment servers.

They are natively integrated into your routes and allow your customers to pay without having to enter a login/password, nor any amount or reference. Payments are made to your bank accounts and automatically transferred to your customer accounting system. This automation speeds up the payments process and eliminates manual actions.
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Be guided from end to end.

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Highly intuitive and with optimal user ergonomics, the Spacivox platform allows quick handling of all our channels. Less than 10 minutes for a customer advisor and less than 7 hours for an administrator.
in 10min
in 7h
set up
in 10min
Benefit from personalized assistance, to meet your needs, and help you to effectively manage your campaigns autonomously.

Work in multi-teams, Spacivox allows you to manage as many teams and spaces as you wish, each team can be set up independently.

Switch to multi-campaign mode, Simply create and assign one or more campaigns to each of your teams.

Easily integrate your contacts from your databases in Spacivox via our API, SFTP server, or manual loading.

Simply create scripted itineraries to increase the performance of your actions, by chaining actions that take into account the customer's behavior.

Segment your campaigns in 1 click thanks to the richness of your data.

Control and correct your trajectory in realtime.

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Visualize and measure directly the effectiveness of your campaigns and teams, thanks to a detailed realtime dashboard and a set of adapted statistical tools.
6 additional
statistical tools
of vision
Test, measure, and adapt your messages in the simplest way possible.
With Spacivox, you benefit from a set of analysis tools to enable you to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time, and through the most efficient relationship channel.

Follow your scripted campaigns over several days.
With Spacivox, you can follow in realtime each cohort you launch. All the indicators, graphs, geographical analyses, and data available facilitate the monitoring of performance and the understanding of the results. Optimization is finally made simple!

Analyze the detailed data of your campaigns.
The Spacivox platform allows you to manually download all the data related to your campaigns, the scripted routes, and the available statistics. in realtime. This data can also be transmitted automatically to your information system or data warehouse.

Supervise the smooth running of your campaigns.
With Spacivox you can check that the operations are running normally, spot any atypical event during the integration of data flows and at the end of the campaigns.

A robust and future-proof technological universe.

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Benefit from all current and future evolutions, building on a reliable and proven technical architecture, with data and flow encryption.
+10 new
per year
of IT teams
in 3 years
High Availability

A redundant architecture and rigorous development methodology ensure optimal service availability.


As our platform is "cloud native" and all features are accessible in SaaS mode, scalability is managed with no impact on your IT. Hosting is entirely managed by Spacivox, delivering sizable savings on your IT costs.


Security considerations are taken into account at every step of the platform's design process:

  • All data and flows are encrypted.
  • Access control can be managed in a fine-grained fashion, to match each user's needs and permissions.

The platform offers a wide range of means to connect to your information system.

Feeding data from your information system into the platform is simple, designed by developers for developers and requires minimal effort on your side.

Fetching the data processed by Spacivox to integrate it into your information system is made easy by our REST API.

A galaxy of customer references.

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A Spacinaut stands in front of a futuristic hologram module, on which Spacivox reference marks are displayed in the middle of a galaxy.
A Spacinaute stands in front of a futuristic hologram module, on which Spacivox reference marks are displayed in the middle of a galaxy.
A Spacinaut looks at us, extending his arm with a raised thumb. A Spacinaut looks at us, extending his arm with a raised thumb.


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